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kitty drinking from faucet

Anonymous started this conversation

This is too funny!

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 in response to sheshe030...   That is too funny! gotta love the animals! Although I am not loving mine too much right now, he peed on the couch the other day and has been exiled from the living room....
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 in response to whoknew...   Reply to Whoknew:---I laughed  so hard watching your Kitty trying to get a drink of water. It actually seemed like he was enjoying it.. I loved the way the water just hydroplaned off the top of his head and it didn't phase him a bit. It's to bad his mouth wasn't on the top of his head but then it wouldn't have been nearly as funny. Thankyou for sharing.. It kind of reminded me of my little fawn pug, she jumps up and catches the end of the toilet paper roll with her teeth and then she runs like the wind down the hall as fast as she can go and turns on a dime and runs back and takes another bit of tp and starts the whole process all over again. She won't stop until all the tp is off the tube or I stop her whichever comes first. What would this world be without our animals, pretty damn boring I say. Thanks again sincerely sheshe030
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 in response to Emil...   you are very welcome! 
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Thank you for making me laugh... :)

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